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Saint Ignatius/Dorothy Rice Memorial Scholarship Fund


Helping needy families educate their Catholic children
Chairman Jeremy Rice

+1 345 949-6797 -


The St. Ignatius-Dorothy Rice Memorial Scholarship Fund has been in existence since January, 1997. This fund has been a significant source of assistance to students who would not have access to a Catholic school education without some form of financial support. In the 2012-2013 school year, due to the high cost of living in the Cayman Islands, the average school fees are about CI$9000 (USD$11,250) per child. This figure covers tuition only; it does not take into account extras such as exercise books, school supplies, uniforms, lunches, field trips, etc.

While we have awarded over $30,000 in scholarships for the present school year, we have additional families who are genuinely struggling to keep up with school fee payments due to the downturn in the economy and effects on work hours and salaries. We also continue to have families suffering from bereavement and/or illness.


Highlights of the past sixteen years:

  •  Each of the families who receive scholarship assistance is required to work at a minimum of 15 hours at three parish or school events each year to help those that volunteer on a regular basis.
  •  The average student who receives tuition assistance has about 15%-20% of his/her fees paid by the scholarship fund (directly to the school accounts department) while the child’s family pays the rest.
  •  In the past sixteen years the scholarship fund has assisted over 150 students from about 95 different families.
  •  The scholarship fund has raised over CI$450,000 in the past sixteen years!
  • The largest donation ever received was US$40,000, while the smallest was CI$2. Everything helps!
Comments from recipients

"If we did not get this support, there is no way our children would be able to stay at St. Ignatius."

"A Catholic education for our children is so important to us. We are extremely grateful for the scholarship assistance."

How you can help

Any and all donations would be gratefully received. Donation envelopes are available from the main entrance of the church or from the church office. If any parishioners, visitors or organizations would like to make contributions to the scholarship fund (no matter how small or large) please do one of the following:

  •  send a cheque made payable to ST. IGNATIUS - SAYM  to:

P.O. Box 2638,
Grand Cayman KY1-1102,

  •  drop off  a cheque made payable to ST. IGNATIUS - SAYM to the church office
  •  place cash in an envelope, sealed and clearly marked ST. IGNATIUS - SAYM and drop it off to the office or place in a weekend collection.


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This site was last updated 11/25/16