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Pastor Father Suresh Rajaian Tel: 949-6797
Fax: 945-2594
Associate Priest Father Naveen D'Souza Tel: 949-6797
Fax: 945-2594
Deacon Joseph Biggs Tel: 949-6797
Fax: 945-2594

The Parish Pastoral Council

Chairperson Christopher Hopkins  
Vice Chairperson TBA  
Secretary Adrianne Webb  
Elected Representatives Milroy Cooray, Gloria Gall, Christopher Hopkins, Derek Lee Pack,
Claudette Mundle,Joe Otu, James Tibbetts, Stanford Williams
Commission Representatives:    
Worship Benedicta Conolly  
Christian Education TBD  
Stewardship Elie Kozaily  
Christian Service Merrell McCann  
Committee Representatives    
Evangelisation Loretta Westin  
School Advisory Board Dara Keogh  

The Parish Finance Council

Chairperson Fr. Suresh Rajaian  
Members Frank Gallippi, Deborah Kirkconnell, Angela Miller,
Jennison Nunez, Adrianne Webb




Parish Name:

The legal name of the parish of St. Ignatius/Christ, the Redeemer Parish is: The Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Cayman Islands.


In these Operational Procedures unless it is otherwise provided or context otherwise requires: 

  •  "Parish" shall mean the geographical territory assigned to the pastoral care of St. Ignatius Church or Christ, the Redeemer Church.
  •  "Congregation" shall mean all practicing Catholics who reside within the parish boundaries and missions.
  •  "Adult" shall mean a person over the age of 16 years.
  •  "Pastor" shall mean the priest who acts as pastor assigned by the Administering Ordinary.
  •  The singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

Mission Statement: St. Ignatius Parish is a welcoming Roman Catholic Christian Communion. We worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we celebrate Jesus Christ in the Word and in the Eucharist, we evangelise, we educate, and we serve as disciples of Jesus.

Purpose and Function of the Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is the primary visioning body of the parish, assisting the pastor in determining the overall mission of the parish as follows:

1. Soliciting the wisdom of the parish community on pastoral matters.
2. Forming a consensus about pastoral planning, which addresses the needs of the parish.
3. Communicating that pastoral vision to the parish as a whole.
4. Involving the parish commissions in implementing the vision.

Purpose and Function of the Parish Finance Council

In a DECREE issued recently, Archbishop of Detroit writes, "I, the Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Ecclesiastical Su-perior of the Missio sui iuris of the Cayman Islands and Archbishop of Detroit, to aid in the administration of ecclesiastical goods acquired, administered, and alienated by the current parish and future parishes of the Missio sui iuris of the Cayman Islands, in keeping with canons 1280 and 1281 of the Code of Canon Law, promulgate the Statutes for Parish Finance Councils bearing the revision date of January 21, 2011, and currently employed in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

To provide the necessary time to align current practices with the Statutes, in accord with canon 8 paragraph 2 of the Code of Canon Law, these Statutes will become binding on July 1, 2012; nonetheless, at the earliest convenience, a parish finance council is to be constructed and operating for St. Ignatius Parish, as defined by in the Statutes".

  •  Facilitates the means for pastoral priorities and planning
  •  Monitors/Maintains parish goods
  •  Communicates with Pastoral Council on prioritizing resources to mission
  •  Meets monthly but must meet at least quarterly
  •  Will have a minimum of three and a maximum of nine members

Structural relationships:

  •  Pastor’s Role – Presides over
  •  Membership – Appointed by the pastor
  •  Focus – Annual budget, long range financial planning
  •  Areas of Responsibility – Matters pertaining to budget, finance and development
  •  Relationship to Parish Pastoral Plan – Assists as a resource
  •  Relationship to Pastor – Consultative to pastor
  •  Method of Decision Making – By consensus, when appropriate

St. Ignatius Parish will have a Finance Council in place before Easter 2012.



The work of the Commissions is:

  1. to investigate the needs of their own areas of concern in Parish life and to make recommendations to the Parish Pastoral Council on meeting these needs;
  2. to ascertain needs and to understand and implement policies of the Church, e.g.: Parish, Diocesan, National and Universal;
  3. to collaborate with the Pastoral Staff in its areas of concern;
  4. to develop objectives flowing from the Parish Mission Statement and Goals;
  5. to provide an annual evaluation of objectives and programs;
  6. to promote and infuse Justice and Peace concepts into their respective areas of concern;
  7. to report regularly to the Parish Pastoral Council on the status of their objectives, planning and implementation - Council approval is needed for major changes, policies and actions, e.g.: an addition/deletion of an objective or project budget overrun;
  8. to propose and recommend a budget to the Parish Pastoral Council;
  9. to use the consensus method, respecting the principle of subsidiarity;
  10. to choose a Chairperson and to hold regular meetings;
  11. to chose a Spokesperson to the Parish Pastoral Council
  12. to review and implement the policies of the Archdiocese of Detroit and to take advantage of Archdiocesan Central Services and programmes;
  13. to choose one of its members to become a member of the corresponding Vicariate Pastoral Council Commission.



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