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Stella Maris Catholic Church -  Cayman Brac

Valden Scott: +1 (345) 925-6215
Mrs Thelma Galbraith: +1 (345) 939-6885
Mrs Tania Drebenstedt +1 (345) 916-1687

To leave a message, please contact the office on +1 (345) 948-8351.

In the event of an emergency, if your call is not answered, please call Saint Ignatius on +1 (345) 949-6787.



Services Stella Maris Celebrates their Sunday Services at 11:00am
with Scripture reading, choir, and Communion service. If a priest is available, then Mass will be celebrated and the time will be published.

Off Alta Vista Drive, Cotton Tree Bay - on the north side of the island.

A rectory must be constructed for the Cayman Brac visiting priests. About CI$180,000 is still needed to complete the building. If you would like to donate funds, please call May in the Parish Office in Grand Cayman (+1.345.949.6797).

Pastoral Advisory Committee

Arlynn Negapatan – Community Outreach
Valden Scott – Finance/Fundraising
Thelma Galbraith –Liturgy/worship
Sheldon Scott – maintenance
Dr. Grace Ezema - Choir/music
Chary Sevik – Youth /Sunday school.

Tania Drebenstedt - St Ignatius Parish Council representative

Brac News and Views



13 February 2013

Stella Maris flowers while the Ash Wednesday ashes are distributed. Pictures from Tanya Drebenstedt.




7 November 2011

Dear Friends of Stella Maris

Once again we'd like to thank all of you for coming to the Brac to install the Benches at Stella Maris.
You were literally "God Sent" - we could not have done this without any of you.....

To all at the St. Ignatius Congregation - please consider Stella Maris as your home, the special place to "retreat" to. A prayer at Stella Maris on the Bluff will make your soul come alive again.

With love from all at Stella Maris





5 February 2011 - Consecration and Dedication of the Stella Maris Catholic Church, Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands  
22 January 2011 - 2 weeks until consecration  
22 November 2010 - A beautiful church in a picturesque surrounding is slowly being completed. Constructed in the classical T-shape, and with arched windows and door openings, it is very restful and pleasing to the eye.

On the right is an indication of how much funding must be raised to complete Phase 1.

  easy fundraisers



8 July 2010 - Work continues but funds will be required to complete this missionary effort into Cayman Brac to meet the needs of Catholics resident there and to bring new converts to the One, True Church


10 June 2010 - The roof has been sheathed. It is not difficult to see that this will be a place of extraordinary tranquility and beauty.


4 May 2010 - The belting has set and the roof trusses are being placed. It is now possible to compare the structure with the architect's drawing shown above.


22 April 2010 - Construction is well underway for the new Stella Maris church. The structure is up to the belting beam and the roof trusses are on site. There is a sense of its future creeping into the building now. It is becoming a church. With the roof in place over the next couple of weeks, the space will be recognisable as a place of worship. But those who have visited it, say that already they feel the overwhelming presence of God.

There is still some way to go, and funds are still needed to finish the building and equip it for worship. Perhaps you can help...


25 January 2010 - Archbishop Alan Vigneron and Father Paul visited the Brac to review the site of the new church and to celebrate the Eucharist at Stella Maris Chapel with Brac parishioners.


Cayman Brac Ground Breaking January 2008


Palm Sunday 2007 - Dear Father Mike and all - Just letting you know that we celebrated a special Palm Sunday service on Cayman Brac, thanks to Father Ray being kind enough to spent all of Lent and Easter with us. We had over 50 worshipers, Father Ray had moved the "Chapel" into the Living- and Dining room area to have more space, we had more worshipers than expected.
All the Best  - From  "ALL here" & Tania



Easter 2006 - Father Michael Tapajna visited Cayman BRAC on Easter-Monday, celebrating Mass at 11 am. Nearly 40 people attended a very special and beautiful service, overflowing from the "chapel" to the "living room". There is no doubt that Cayman Brac will quickly fill the new church scheduled soon to be built on the Brac.

If you would like to contribute to the construction of the new church, please send a cheque to Father Michael Molnar at the St. Ignatius Parish office and let him know it is for the Brac church. Your contribution, no matter the size, will be very welcome.


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